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Each member of GTA team after having worked for over 25 years business and international trade expertise gained at credible and reliable companies; Now it’s the time to service GTA’s international experience and passion for importing and exporting companies with a pragmatic and pro-active approach in dealing with complex customs and international trade issues.


Corporate Business Wellness

Cooperate Business Wellness program is a new concept and a trend enabling management to take proper action for problems not foreseen. This new concept no longer a luxury but a necessary business strategy to gain a competitive edge on multiple levels. As a corporate wellness consultant team we have identified various detailed main trends that effects companies health critically.

Logistics Solutions

Warehousing · Inland Transportation · Freight Forwarding · Consulting

Partnering with GTA means you bypass traditional channels for the accurate logistic solutions to get your product to its destination on time and within budget. Our professional team’s attention to detail by an experienced, professional staff means your order arrives to the customer, on times, without transit-damage, shifting or other challenges that could bottleneck your process.

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