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About Us

GTA Mining and Foreign Trade LTD privately-owned and established in 2002, representing various worldwide companies active in mining, and marketing of metals and minerals, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, coal&coke, oil&energy products and agricultural commodities.

GTA is engaged in physical trading on a global basis, purchasing physical commodities on behalf of the customers in Turkey, mostly from producers and selling and delivering these commodities to Industrial consumers.

GTA not only provides logistics, marketing and purchasing services also acts as agent and advisor, representing the commercial interests of major international trading houses.




Born in 1965 in Mersin, Turkey, Hasan A. Rumani graduated from Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir with his undergraduate degree from the Department of Business Administration. In 1987, he started to work in the department of operations of pulses exports to the MENA and Near East at Ram Foreign Trade Company.  During 1989-1991, he worked for a travel agency in England. Upon his return to Turkey, he started working for  Cevher Madencilik, the Turkish office of Marc Rich & Co. AG., the name of which was later changed to Glencore International AG. He worked in Glencore İstanbul Office for 11 years in different positions, starting with operations department   and  left the Company in 2002 as trader responsible from the trade of various commodities including Refined Metals, Mining and Iron and Steel Scrap. In the same year, with his former Glencore colleagues, he founded GTA Madencilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. where he worked as trader in various fields i.e. trade of Refined Metals, Coal and Coke, Pig Iron, Steel Scrap trade and Ferro Alloys. In 2008  he also formed Pacorini Warehousing and Logistics Ltd. Company in Istanbul with foreign investors to facilitate  LME (London Metal Exchange) warranted billet iron, steel as well as  refined metal storage activities. In June 2009, he started to work for Trafigura PTE ltd as refined metal trader responsible from all non-ferrous Metals until 31 March 2019. With his 30 years of experience in international foreign trade, Mr. Rumani has recently re-joined GTA.




Born in 1954 in Ankara, Turkey, Bilge Zeren graduated from University of Ankara with her undergraduate degree in Economics and holds an MBA from University  of Newcastle. In 1977, she started her working career as Purchasing Chief at MIMAS HOLDING. In 1980, she joined TÜPRAŞ Petroleum Refineries as Oil Products Coordinator and worked for 7 years. In 1987, she started working for  Cevher Madencilik, the Turkish office of Marc Rich & Co. AG., the name of which was later changed to Glencore International AG where she worked for 18 years in different positions, starting with Operations Manager, and  left the Company in 2005 as oil trader as well as acting as General Manager of Glencore Istanbul responsible from all administrative issues. After her retirement, she joined GTA Madencilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. where she worked as an oil trader as well as consultant in various fields of trade.




Born in 1948 in Brussels, Belgium, Paul Goldenberg has completed his education in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1974, He started his working career in London and Sao Paolo as Trading Manager at Lissauer Group. In 1980, he joined RTZ Group (Rio Indal) as European Representative. In 1983, he started working for  Bauxite and Alumina Trading Co. of Jamaica as the General Manager until 1985. Between 1985 and 1995, he worked as Managing Director at “ JOM “ Ltd Switzerland (Joint venture of Jamaican Government / Swiss Bank). In 1995, he joined Glencore Istanbul  and acted as Managing Director. After his retirement, he acted as one of the founders of GTA Madencilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. and had some other trading and consultancy activities in Greficomex-Eurogrefi S.A. in Paris as well as Belgium.