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Caster Roller Shell

OMZ can produce any kind of Caster Roll based on Customer’s drawing. Rolls can be with or without stainless steel layer on the roll core. The rolls supplied completely assembled ready to go directly in to the casting line. The production is Certified ISO 9002 since 1999.

Mechanical Properties
ALLOY Z 2.0 20° 600°
Tensile Strenght RM  ( MPA) ≥  1300 ≥ 650
Yeld  Strenght RP 0.2  ( MPA) ≥  1150 ≥ 500

With this new ALLOY Z 2.0 we reached the objective to provide the best compromise between two opposing mechanical properties: hardness and fracture toughness.

We tested a new chemical composition giving to our steel higher hardness, but, at the same time, higher resistance to thermal cracking.

Physical   Properties  ALLOY Z 2.0
ALLOY Z 2.0 20°C and  700°C
Thermal Expansion between 14.5X 10 exp – 6 mm/ C°
Thermal Conductivty @ 20°C   42.6 W/m K C13

The final result is an improved shell life, with higher performances.