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Aluminium Rolled Products


Aluminium Circles are widely used in the electronics components, daily chemical products, medical equipment, culture and education, and auto parts, household appliances, insulation equipment, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military industry, mold, construction printing, and many other industries, it is the largest amount of deep processing of aluminium alloy strip one of the products.

Aluminium Circles have properties such as heat conductivity, anti corrosion, great ductility and moisture resistance. When it comes to the production method, Al circle is usually cut from Al coil or the plate by punching, the bar cutting, CNC water cutting methods commonly used.

Main Specification

Alloy AA1xxx (AA1050,AA1060, AA1070, AA1100 etc.)
AA3xxx (AA3003,  etc.)
Temper O, H14
Thickness 0.5mm – 4mm
Diagonal 100mm – 1200 mm
Standard GB/T 3880-2006
Special specification is available as per the requirement of the customer